A week to go until Halloween!

It’s only a week to go until our favorite monster holiday of the year – Halloween! Are you safe enough to go trick and treating this year?

There are many alternatives to going out in COVID-19 season this year, but that doesn’t mean the spook-tacular season can’t still be enjoyed!

How about doing some of the following activities instead:

  • Get active – dress up as your favorite monster and take a walk around your street/neighbourhood to see all the houses that have been decorated for Halloween!
  • Get bright – instead of using candles in your carved pumpkin, try to use a battery-powered LED light inside this to reduce any risk of flames or fire.
  • Get colourful – decorate the outside of your home with a ghoulish/spook-tastic/monstrous Halloween theme – so that your family and all your neighbours can enjoy the sights!
  • Get responsible – its your job to look after your kids, so don’t let them go out trick or treating if this is not allowed. Or if it is allowed, make sure they are wearing the necessary precautions (mask/any other safety gear) to protect them and others.
  • Get social – take plenty of pictures and videos of your spooky house decorations, your costumes and activities – and share these on virtually on social media using hashtag #mymonsterrocks for a chance to win wonderful prizes! You can also play Hallowe’en games or tell spooky stories during your online party with your costumes, decorations and ghostly treats and snacks!
  • Get wise about treats – if your kids can’t go out trick-and-treating this year, rather buy your own candy, sweets and chocolates before Halloween to give to your kids so they don’t miss out. Also try to reduce the amount of sugar and HFCS they get in if at all possible! Or even better, make them with your kids! We’ll link to some great recipe sites before the big day to make sure this will still be a Halloween to remember!

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